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Youngsters show their paces at Quernmore Sports


Saturday 25th June - 12.30 Stanegate Festival (Newbrough) U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Girls U17yrs / Ladies / 12st / 13½st / AW
Saturday 25th June - Alston Gala - U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 11½st / 13st / AW / Girls U17 / Ladies Open
Sunday 26th June - 3 pm Ullswater Country Fair, Patterdale - U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 12½st / AW
Sat July 2nd - 1.30 Skelton Show U13yrs / U16yrs / U18yrs / Ladies / 11½st / 13st / AW
Sun July 3rd - 1pm West Cumbria Vint. Rally, Distington U12yrs / U15yrs / U18yrs / 12½st / AW
Sun July 3rd - 2pm Langdale Gala U9yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18 yrs / Girls U18yrs / Ladies Open / 11st / 13st / AW
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The Brocklebank brothers are willing to travel widely to wrestle these days, winning at big events in Northumberland and North Cumbria, but this week Graham and Ben just had a toddle down the road to Quernmore Sports.

Referee John Wilson checks on Ted Hodgson at Quenmore
Although one of the smaller events on the calendar, Quernmore nicely serves its purpose as an extended school activity. Large entries of youngsters compete in the Fell races with three categories for Junior school children, and twenty wrestlers entered for the Under 12 Years wrestling.
The newly developing confidence of female wrestlers was well shown when Elizabeth Wilson won the Under 9s and no fewer than three tall local girls took all the prize-money in the Under 12s.

 Ben Brocklebank on his way to winning the 13st at Quernmore

Three wrestling families shared the spoils: Elizabeth's big brother George Wilson, the Under 18 Champion, won his age group with big swings of the local lads; Ben Brocklebank did much the same in the 13 stones and Graham in the All Weights; and for the Hodgson family, Ted won the Under 15s and Rosie won the Ladies event.
Connie and Rosie Hodgson with “The Cumbrian Spirit”

Three Hodgson sisters, Tracy, Connie and Rosie travelled down to London recently with photographer Steve Ashworth, to create publicity for Ambleside Sports and the inauguration of the Ladies All Weights Championship.

Tracy and Connie Hodgson tek hod outside Buckingham Palace

With support from Virgin Trains which was keen to support the idea that Cumbria was still open for business despite Storm Desmond, they were first photographed at Oxenhome Station at the outset of their journey and alongside the Pendolino train appropriately named "The Cumbrian Spirit". The wrestling "flash-mob" then transferred to London for some startling images with Big Ben, Marble Arch and Buckingham Palace providing the background.

Meanwhile back North, a busy week-end is in prospect with co-ordinated events when wrestlers can first compete at Newbrough, near Hexham, and afterwards at Alston Gala. Then on the Sunday wrestling moves to Patterdale for the Ullswater Country Fair amongst the high mountains of the Lakes... a long way from London.


(Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson, Linda Scott or Webmaster {2016})


Quernmore Sports
Under 9 Years E Wilson N Giles T Ashworth
Under 12 Years R Hodgson L Longworth D Preece
Under 15 Years T Hodgson J Charnley H Carter
Under 18 Years G Wilson J Whittaker H Carter
Ladies R Hodgson H Carter D Preece
13 Stones B Brocklebank T Whittaker T Hodgson
All Weights G Brocklebank G Wilson B Brocklebank

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