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Sedburgh Gala


Saturday May 28th Northern District YFC Field Day
Monday May 30th - 1.30pm - Northumberland Show U10yrs / U12yrs / U15yrs / U18 yrs Championship / 12st / 13½st / AW / Ladies 10st / AW
Thursday June 2nd - Killington Sports U15 yrs and 8st Championship
CWWA World Championship Wrestling Venues for 2016

In Cumbria and Northumberland, Young Farmers Clubs and Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling are mutually beneficial. Last week, though, the Cumbrian YFC Southern District Field decimated entries at Sedbergh Gala, but there were a couple of car loads from Carlisle, a few wrestlers from Kendal and Milnthorpe academies, and the Hodgson/Brocklebank/Stainton extended family (from toddler to veteran; from midge-weight to substantial), so there was plenty of action.

For much of the event there was competition but no noise, as announcer Peter Hayhurst, for the second week in a row, found himself competing unaided against the ambient noise. Luckily the big chest that knocked you over fifty years ago was a big enough sound-box to keep the wrestlers and crowd informed.

 Alfie Bradshow enjoys the ride as Ben Brocklebank swingsBetween Ellie-Ann Stainton felling John-Lucas Stainton in the Under 9s and Thomas Brocklebank, that well-known man-mountain, felling his brother Graham in the final of the All Weights, there was plenty to savour as the crowd accumulated.

The sole Milnthorpe wrestler, Alfie Bradshaw, and Carlisle's Ryan Armstrong had a well-matched tussle, with Ryan winning the Under 15s final with a twist over the knee and a back-heel, but Alfie striking back in the Under 18s semi-final.

The winner of the Under 18s, Thomas Hayhurst, is a class-act these days, though still weighing in below nine stones. Having won the boys' class, Tom surprised the crowd, Ben Brocklebank and himself, by taking the first fall in the 13 stones final. With power, control and care re-established, Ben Brocklebank took the next two falls with his trade-mark hip throws.

Graham Brocklebank fells brother Ben in the Sedbergh All Weights

Handle with care: Thomas Brocklebank fells Trevor Hodgson


As the All Weights wrestling started, the microphone started working just in time for the commentator to implore Thomas Brocklebank to take good care of his adversary and uncle, Trevor Hodgson: "Handle the antique carefully," says he. In the other semi-final Graham Brocklebank felled his brother, Ben, with a back-heel and a victory-roll, but in the final he had no answer to big brother Thomas's power and purpose.


Killington Sports next week is always tricky to access with some of the narrowest roads known to man, but it is even worse this year thanks to Storm Desmond which has left a local bridge in danger of "imminent collapse". Diversions to the Sports Field will be posted but extra time will be needed to get there in time for the Under 15 Years/8st Championship.

(Written by Roger Robson..... © Photographs by Roger Robson, Jill Robson, Julian Richardson, Linda Scott or Webmaster {2016})


Sedburgh Gala
Under 9 Years E-A Stainton J-L Stainton  
Under 12 Years R Hodgson M Stainton E-A Stainton
Under15 Years R Armstrong A Bradshaw J Gibson
Under 18 Years T Hayhurst A Bradshaw R Armstrong
Girls Under 17 Years G Coulthard R Hodgson  
13 Stone B Brocklebank T Hayhurst J Fryer
All weights T Brocklebank G Brocklebank B Brocklebank

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